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Founded in 2010, Carbonext aims to preserve the riches of our Amazon Forest.

A team of nature lovers working for the good of the planet.

How do we do it? Through projects to generate carbon credits, we make standing trees more valuable than felled trees.

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Pioneers in sustainability

We are one of the oldest companies in the Brazilian carbon credits market. Since the beginning, we have believed in fighting deforestation and in the sustainable development of businesses and products.

We work to protect areas through sustainable forest development projects (Nature-Based Solutions), directing resources to properties via carbon credits, and developing long-term activities that foster the local bio-economy and its communities.

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Credit generators

We are proud to be one of the few companies on the market that manages all stages of the projects: search for areas, preparation, auditing, registration, commercialization, delivery, and traceability of credits.

Through our digital platform, people and companies can offset their greenhouse gas emissions, and with our APIs, large companies can connect directly to our stock to offer credits to their customers, facilitating the journey towards carbon neutrality.

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To conserve and protect the Amazon Rainforest and its biodiversity through Nature-Based Solutions. We seek to combat climate change, generate high-quality carbon credits and reconcile the environment, society, and market.

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To be the global leader in Nature-Based Solutions, stimulating the transition to a low carbon economy, maximizing the conserved forest area, and fostering sustainable development.

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